Painting Questions

I am at the stage of painting my duck, I have 5 coats of topsides on the Kayak right now, it seems when you even rub up against it, it dulls losing it shine. Heres my question....what would happen if you covered the paint with varnish, will the varnish protect it, or ruin it, I wet sanded between coats and like I said it looks great untill you rub or happen to bumb it.  I used the paint on beck method,which I may regret,with out having rub rails, and how the paint is acting, and ideas????  feedback needed...Ocean

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RE: Painting Questions

Ok my bad I meant  bright sides paint...Im still at a loos though...

RE: Painting Questions

I wouldn't expect the paint to dull if it's completely dry unless you have some sort of oil on your hand or whatever is bumping the paint.  I can't say what varnish over paint will do but I think I've heard negative things about it... it's been a while though so my memory may be incorrect.


RE: Painting Questions

I was told after about three or four days the paint should be cured enough to not worrie about it being knocked..... it has only been about a day and a half,     so I did my touch ups, and will let the duck sit four about 4 days and hope for the best...thanx for the response.....


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