A story you might all enjoy.....


Today I show up to this rental house in NY on some river that has expanded beyond it usual limits (with a roughlu 15 knot current)  There used to be a beach and some stairs easing you down to a beach blah blah, today 3 of the 5 steps were underwater.  Well on the brochure for this house one of the ammenitieis listed was kayak.  Hot damn.  And let me be frank, I have been in a kayak 1 time on the ocen in florida and was scared out of my F'ing mind.  But thats what I get off on, i've been defusing IEDs for the last 6 years in war.  So the owner of the house warns me it might be a little tricky at first but i'll get the hang of it, wear a PFD and i'll be fine.  I've been through drown proofing which is truly what the name implies, so i'm confident in the water.  I get the boat out, down, and launched and am on my way.  It was FFAARR more stable than I had ever imagined.  I guess one too many youtube videos of people strapped into kayaks going down 50' ravines with god knows what below.  While the water was roughly 70 degrees, the current was easlily 15 knots against me.  So while there was no real headway, If the WD10 is as stable as what I went out on today, I could see this becoming a serious accidtion.  I paddle my ass off for 45 minutes and got maybe a mile, after giving up I was where I started 5 minutes later with no paddling.  Point being that was seriously fun, seriously stable, a serious good woorkout, and just overall a helluva lot of fun.  I can't wait to get my WD10 built and can only image the kind of coverage possible over a lake with no current.  It all makes sense now and allI want to do is get out on the water on something i've created and take pride in. I'll keep yall posted on the build and troubles in between but i see now why you do what you do.  What a good time!!!!


 Scott Carlson

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RE: A story you might all enjoy.....

yes it´s fun :)


RE: A story you might all enjoy.....

what he said :-D

 your trip sounds like a paddle I did up the Niagara river, 3 hours up stream, 20 minutes back

RE: A story you might all enjoy.....

Glad you're back and found this "addiction" I paddled a similar trip on my way to a week long solo trip into the UP of Michigan.  All ove the other paddlers in plastic boats were literally clung to the trees at the edges of the water. I kept the bow to the wind and made tiny progress but stayed making progress and was so proud I got there.  It's so great to have built the boat that got me there. GG

RE: A story you might all enjoy.....

Great Story.  Thanks for sharing.  Good luck with your project.  Mine goes in the water for the first time this weekend.  Yahoo!  I would hope to one day paddle in your wake.  Cheers

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