Knee Braces

I would like to install knee braces in my kayak. I have the Minicel foam blanks,Ihave the instructions from CLC,but I'm some what unclear on the whole concept.The foam is in a wedge shape,quite a bit of that wedge will need to be cut off the narrow end,and you shape the thick end.Were does the half round molding go, inside of the cockpit at the top of the foam. On the blanks which surface is the top?

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RE: Knee Braces

I assume the boat is yours and will be used by you. Get in your boat and imagine where you want to make contact to lock in & control the boat while still being able to get out and be comfortable. What is right for you is the correct position.


RE: Knee Braces

put in the block a little large and then sand and cut it until it feels right

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