WD10H Disability Accomodation, comfort, and paddle selection


Not to go out of order here, but my kit doesn't come in until the end of the month and I can't seem to get my mind off this!

 You've all been so unbelievably helpful in my past posts that I figured I'd get your opinions on a few more issues.  First off, I have some back and leg issues, and its caused me to switch from motorcycles, to my new obsession.  My question is this: can the WD10 be easily modified or customised (or not if not necessary) to add support in comfort for someone with a little extra special needs?  Im mostly just generally inquiring as to the comfort of a stock WD10 for a 5'10'' 200lb guy for moderat lengths of time.  I don't plan on staying in it for more than a couple of hours at a time and my upper body is as strong as they come, but I have some wounds in my back and legs that made me get off two wheels and into the water, and having never sat in a WD10 It'd just break my heart to build one and find it also impossible to use.  Is there anyone in the southern Illinois area who would be willing to let me sit in theirs for a few minutes just to get a feel?  Is the leg room and back support adequate for a couple of hours?  I've read others posts about day long expeditions, but that doesn't mean they weren't downing motrin with every stop...anyone's comments on comfort and support here are welcome and appreciated.

 Also, an earlier post brought up the new (to me) idea of a greenland paddle, specifically a thomaspaddles.com design.  Personally I think they're beautiful and would match the boat beautifully, but they sure seem to be much longer and skinnier than what I had in my head as being a kayak paddle.  As I said upper body strength isn't an issue and I'm half in this for the workout.  Can someone describe the charicteristics of a greenland design vs a fatter shorter design?  Again, the greenland looks intriguing but having no experience and not being able to compare the two i'm just going to trust y'alls descriptions of the fundamental differences.  As always, thank you for your time and help with all of this.


 Scott Carlson

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RE: WD10H Disability Accomodation, comfort, and paddle selection

Hi Scott,

I am 5'7" and 220 lbs.   I have a injured back. ( L2, L3, and L4 ).  I am good for about an hour in the WD12.

The cockpit is big enough that I can lift my legs out and put my feet into the water.  After a few minuits of paddling with my feet in the water I can put them back in the boat again.

I do better if I have a thigh support that is about 2 inches higher than my seat.


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