The Wraith

Saturday was launch day.   

 Very pleased with the handling.  I need to make adjustments to the seat. 

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RE: The Wraith

Certainly looks a lot better than the tupperware boat!

How does it compare to paddle?

I am about 4-6 weeks from launching my CH18...


RE: The Wraith

.. I see a a day hatch, want to tell us a little about your build, as you obviously made at least this mod.

RE: The Wraith

Thank you all!


It is a fast boat.  Faster than the Tempest 170. Or it seems that way.  It is a more of a stright line boat though.  She isn't as nimble as the Tempest, but more stable and is much better if you are a large paddler. My son who is 246lbs and is 6'2" tall fits in it just fine.  

 Here is the blog of my build:

 The day hatch is made by Hoby.  I just happen to find it at a outdoor store and incorporated it in the build. It thurned out well. I like the fact that it is hinged. It is much easier to get into than the day hatch on the Tempest.  



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