Mt Saint Helens paddle

We took a tip from a freind of ours and made a trek to Coldwater Lake about 10 miles from Mt Saint Helens (110 miles north of Portland Oregon). what a great tip it was. if you get a chance this should be on your list of a great flatwater must. we checked in at the vistors center @ about 11:00 am just in time for the clouds to clear and view the stunning site of being at the base of the mountain looking into the crater and lava dome. we made our way to the lake which is aprox 3 miles long and maybe a mile at its widest point. we were 1 of three boats on the entire lake. there are only three access point to the shore (including the boat ramp). the others are sandy beaches with fallen timber from the eruption in 1980. the surrounding mountian sides are barren of the tall timber but is covered by wildflowers and small trees.  we had lunch at the lakes far end keeping a careful eye out for cougars (warning signs were posted). i t was a bit windy on the return paddle but our Millcreek moved along. if you live in the Pacific Northwest put "Coldwater Lake" on your list.

follow the link for photos. 

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