Okoumefest 2011 - Day 1

GeorgeK couldn't make it to Okoumefest this year (he's busy laumching a Space Shutte), so I promised to take a lot of pictures for him. Then it occurred to me that there's probably other folks out there who are interested in te goings on, so I'm posting them here so everyone can see them.

I could tell I was arriving at the right place.

 Around back I found Pam Clagett's massively tricked out CH18 and Jim Norman's week-old WD12.

 This is the entrance to the new shop. It was full of people doing something.

They were looking at boats...

.. and watching Nick Schade demonstrate how to apply fiberglass. Wonder what that thing between Nick and the camera is?

 Meanwhile, back in the old shop, the one that used to appear on the shop cam, walls have sprung up, as have yak racks.

 Behind the walls, offices are growing.

 Someone will have a great spot to play peek-a-boo/

Through a massively bolted steel doorframe (whiich rumor has it will have a carved okoume plaque with the words "Abandon hope all ye who enter here" mounted above it) lies..


 Somegody's been playing with his bulkhead

 The foam nose of Madness

 Where the cross beams go.

 The cockpit


Inside, with Robin's arm for scale

 Shearwater Sport, 3rd from the top. The product of a careless night of fun between a WD12 and a Shearwater 16

Eric Schade (left)- the genius behind the Wood Duck and Shearwater lines

 The varnishing demo was moved outdoors where dinner was being eaten

After which John Harris gave a slideshow about his proa build

Unfortunately, just as he was going to explain why the nose had to be cut off and replace with foam, he was eaten by a giant rubber chicken.

We'll see if he can escape in time for tomorrow's festivities.




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RE: Okoumefest 2011 - Day 1

Thanks for posting, Laszlo.

Heading for breakfast, then Matapeake. Will the rain hold off? Does it matter?


RE: Okoumefest 2011 - Day 1

Ooh noo!  is John okay?

Did you catch the wild rubber chicken? It looked like it was a big one.


Great pictures =) Can't wait for Day 2.


RE: Okoumefest 2011 - Day 1

Hey Laszlo,

Just now saw these! Had seen Day 2 but hadn't looked down this far, I guess. Thanks for posting. As you know the launch was a great success. I only got to see it for about 27 seconds before it went thru the clouds. The last one I'll ever see from three miles away. Sad seeing the end of an era.

George K

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