Stand up paddle board

I'm thinking of building a paddle board.  Looking for suggestions on what is best board for a beginner weighing 165lbs and 5ft. 9. 

Thanks for any replys, Coach C. 

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RE: Stand up paddle board

It depends also on your intended waters.  The prolific surfboard type are designed for ocean surf in mind, then there are whitewater river types and also flat lakeshore types.  At your height and weight any board over 8ft with ~3" floatation in main body would hold you, although I am refering to foam surfboard design. So a woody will have different characteristics.  I would reccommend starting out with something big and broad, say 3+ft wide x 12ft long, you'll have a lot more stability when trying to learn.  It's a lot of balance training, but also a great core workout.  For lakes, I use a Liquid Logic Versa board for it's stability as a standup fishing platform but it converts to a sit-top kayak when you feel like sitting.  CLC should try more SUP board designs, like the Versa board type hybrid SUP/kayak.

RE: Stand up paddle board

Having built boards of both type wood and foam and paddled many, for your size you can't go wrong with the 12'6 Kaholo by CLC very easy to construct compaired to foam, durability is outstanding compared to foam, ease of paddling is great, I haven't had a paddler yet not able to paddle it.


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