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I am building a Guillemot Play, and am about to cut out the cockpit. I am just thinking that the standard pattern opening looks just a bit tight and am wondering if other builders have made any modifications. I am under 160 lbs and 5'8". My first boat was a WD 12 Hybrid, and I felt that the cockpit opening was very generous.  I would prefer a closer fit, but  ingress and egress are my concern. Any thoughts? Will try to figure out how to post pictures. Thanks.


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RE: cockpit size

Barry. I have built 2 Guillemot Auks. A 14 for my wife and a 17 one for myself. Currently working on a Shearwater for my son. I am 210# and 6'. I pushed the front of the cockpit 3 inches forward on both and it work very well. Just cut the pattern at the widest point, moved the front forward and blended the two points. On the 14' I built from plans and made the coaming similar to the CLC designs then wrapped in Carbon fiber. (Simply for looks). The 17 was from a partial kit from CLC and I made the coaming as per instructions in Nick’s book. If you select this option watch the video. My preference was the 17 style for easy of construction and it looks great. Remember' it is wood, have fun and be artistic


RE: cockpit size

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Hi Barry

This is the stock Guillemot cockpit.   (17" X 29").  I am a short heavy kind of guy.  5' 7" and 225.  I have a 38" waist. 

I hope that this photo helps you out.

Your kayak looks great !!!


RE: cockpit size

thanks Lou, thanks Dave,

Will probably add no more then 2"s to the length. Still trying to wrap my thoughts around the cockpit recess and am wondering if I need it completely around or just in the front.

RE: cockpit size


The purpose of the recess is to lower the combing to make it easier to do rolls. It's the aft part of the combing that needs to be lower.

If you do not plan to do rolls then it's no big deal.

For me, I just love the way the recess looks.


RE: cockpit size

I recommend cutting it "small" and seeing how it feels, ingress and egress wise, and then if you need more room you can always cut it a bit larger.  I found on mine that I got very used to keyhole cockpit and even capsized it was easy enough to get out of that when I started making SOFs a 18" circle was more than enough for my comfort.  YMMV, of course but I'd try small first and see if you're able to do it.  Especially on a play boat a small cockpit is preferred.


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