Launching-Tandem Wherry

Made my goal of a May 1st launch.  Great project with lots of help from this forum.  Looking forward to exploring the islands off the coast of Maine this summer.  Someone approached my wife within one minute of the first stroke and offered to buy it.!  Thanks CLC for a great design and everyone on this forum for your wisdom.

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RE: Launching-Tandem Wherry

Very nice looking boat.  One issue:  It looks to me that the oarlocks are backwards on the oars.  Hope you took care of that before hitting the water.  My appologies if I am seeing this incorrectly.


RE: Launching-Tandem Wherry

Looks like excellent finish work there!


Could you share some details about how you treated the tops of the flotation chambers?

RE: Launching-Tandem Wherry

I used 1 yard of the carbon fiber fabric on the air chambers and outlined with pinstriping. I then saturated with epoxy and varnish.  I also used dynel cloth to cover the skeg and a rubstrip on the bow followed by 4 coats of graphite/epoxy.  The fabric looks great in the sunlight next to the oars.

I am having the same "problem" as others have-I spend more time talking about the boat than rowing it!


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