painting hull

I'm ready to finish by Shearwater 17 hybrid.  I'm pleased with the deck but not the hull.  I miss matched the wood panels resulting in mismatched wood tone which coupled with the puzzled joints  stand out like a sore thumb.  So I'm strongly considering painting the hull.  My last kayak, Arctic tern I finished using a LPU which  was easy to use and ended up looking very glossy after the buff sequence. 
I'm considering Interlux Brightside Sapphire or dark blue for hull
my questions are:
What is the sequence; Do I finish hull first then deck
How many coats, 2 of Primekote 3-6 vanish?
What tape should I use?
What should I use on deck, should I go ahead and use Interlux as well instead of LPU
Which one, Interlux perfection plus or schooners gold
Pictures of painted hulls would be nice as well.
thanks in advance.

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RE: painting hull

I painted half the bottom of my WD10 hull because I like the color and it covered up some scratches in the bottom from my sawhorses.

This section of the clc site has great info on the subject.

Here is what I did.  Interlux Brightsides and Prekote worked great for me.  The paint looks almost as good as my car.  I used the 6" white foam rollers, to roll on the Prekote.  I did 2 coats sanded with 220 once the first coat dried (24 hours) then sanded the second coat with 320 once it cured.  Then I put the Brightsides on by rolling with the 6" foam rollers, being careful to put the paint on in thin coats.  You just roll a 2ft section vertically then use a 3" foam brush for tipping from the dry surface into the wet horizontally, then move to the next 2ft section.  It should take 3-4 coats of Brightsides.  I like just plain old masking tape, or the green automotive painters tape.  I do not like the blue house painters tape but others do, so pick one and try it.  I would paint the bottom first and mask along the deck/hull joint, for a clean paint line then do the deck varnish last and remask along the deck joint when you varnish so it doesnt run onto your paint.  I used 5 coats of Epifanes varnish but Schooner would be easy to use also.  I applied the varnish with a 3" foam brush with the same technique as the paint.  Lay it on across the deck, then tip it out lengthwise from the dry surface into the wet varnish.

Hope that helps.  Let us know how it goes.  You wont be dissapointed with the Interlux products.

RE: painting hull

thanks for quick response.

Do you have an estimate on how much primer/paint and varnish I should get for 17 ft kayak.  I will paint the hull and varnish the deck

I'm thinking I should get 2 qts each of primer, brightside paint and schooner varnish.

any opinion on the Sapphire blue, anything I should know about darker colors

thanks in advance


RE: painting hull


I just finished a 18ft kayak and only used one qt each primer, brightside paint for hull and schooner varnish for top and inside of cockpit and hatches. Plus have enough for touch ups of brightsides.


RE: painting hull

I just finished painting 3 coats of brightside sapphire on my shearwater hull.

I've used the techniques discussed above and else where it's going on very easy and a joy to apply and think it looks great

My question is how do I apply and finish the final coat, When I sand between coats with 220 grit dry it dulls the surface.  Interlux say to not wet sand or buffer the final finish, which is too bad because I like the buffed look but I could be happy with leaving the last coat untouched it looks so nice.  So what are the recommendations, also if if I do sand after the last coat should I wait a while for the paint to cure and harden first.

thanks in advance Brad


heartsing blue

RE: painting hull

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RE: painting hull

I have been reading your posts on this part.  This is where I am just about at in my project, and your posts have been very helpful.

I had it in my head that my kayak wsould be Hatteras White on the hull and keel and stained cherry on the deck.  However, your pictures above have tempted me to reconsider.  It looks beautiful!

Thanks for your posts!  I will be using your tips in my project.

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