Skerry inwales and spacers

Woot!  I've ordered my Skerry kit and am itchin' to get stichin'!

In reading through these forums, I've seen a couple Skerrys (Skerries?) that have a modified rail with spacers between the hull and the inwale.  I love the look of this, and the opprotunity for additional tie off points - but I'm curious as to the effect on sailing position - when leaning back into the hull does the inwale dig into your shoulders?

Anyone who's done the spacer mod care to comment?

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RE: Skerry in wales and spacers

No experience with Skerry but I've sailed a dory with inwales and they're no more intrusive than the edge of the gunwale would be and they look nice. A throw cushion, which you should have aboard anyway, will make a nice leaning pad. SEEYA Jack

RE: Skerry inwales and spacers

Hi Gball!

I did not noticed any discomfort at all with the inwale spacers. Maybe it's because I'm always wearing a PFD, so it provides a little padding, or because I'm facing forward most of the time.

Actually, the inwale is supremely useful for tying things down, like a bailer and throwline (required by law in Canada), oarlocks and bumpers. If you feel up to the task, I think this is a modification that adds great value.

Here's a pic to show some scale. I'm 6'1".


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