Just completed tacking the hull joints and have a very slight protrusion of the top hull panels over the lower hull panels about 6" forward of the stern, running about six inches until the edges continue forward perfectly butted. The overhang is about 1/2 the width of the plywood, i.e. very slight.  I tried like the dickens to force it in with stiches and clamps, but ended up more afraid of splitting the panels than of having to smooth out a small overhang later.

So my question is how best to smooth it out before covering with glass.  If I sand the protrusion, I'm afraid of exposing the ply, which would not look as good as it should.  I thought about running a very small bead of thickened epoxy at the outside of the joint and sanding it down to fair the joint somewhat, but still have the same concern about exposing the ply.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Shame on me for losing patience!


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RE: WD-H12

One other question.  Has anyone left the front spacing panel in as a forward bulkhead to lend stiffness and provide some flotation?  I'm 5'11" but am unsure whether there would be enough room or even if it can be done.


RE: WD-H12

Im going to assume you tapered the panels as even as possible, before you started stitching, I made mine pretty much angled so when I mated them they would be tight, Im not sure how the fairing will go, but it sounds like the only thing you can do is build it up and fair it out, as far as leaving the front panel in place as a second bulkhead, I think if you do and hit something hard enough...rock etc.  it may not flex enough and cause the hull some damage, I am using floatation bags in my duck, in the front and back,this way the hull can flex,and the air in the bags wil helpl keep it afloat, they are about $55.00 , enjoy your build, looking forward to seeing some pics....ocean

RE: WD-H12

If I follow you correctly I had the same issue.  I wedged a piece of scrap wood inside the hull to push the narrow pieces out flush with the side and once I was sure I had everything lined up perfect I went ahead and tacked epoxy between just those wires to hold it in place through the rest of the build.  You sure dont want to sand it flush or youll have a permanent spot where the ply is sanded through the entire first layer and will show unless you plan to paint those areas.

RE: WD-H12


If you leave the panel in you won't be able to tape the deck to the hull.



RE: WD-H12

Thanks for the helpful comments.  I'll try the fairing and then resort to paint, if necessary.

As for the additional bulkhead, I'll leave it out.

 Pics and further reports to follow.

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