Big Mistake?

Ok, this is harder than I thought! But, I'm still having fun.

 Last night, I scarfed all the side panels in my skerry kit. I was so focused on getting the puzzle joints to lay flat that I didn't really think about the panels being identical left and right until the last panel.

 I definitely made panel 1 identical, but panels 2 and 3 are not identical.

 How bad is this mistake? Have I doomed myself to a crooked boat? 


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RE: Big Mistake?

How far off is it?  These boats have astonishingly broad tolerances, but there's a difference between an eighth and an inch. 

RE: Big Mistake?

I won't know for sure until tonight when I take off the clamping blocks. I'll take some photos tonight and post.

I tried to coerce panel 3 into compliance by getting it lined up and driving some screws into my plywood work bench to help it hold that shape. Not sure if that will actually work or not, but they were about an inch off prior to that.

 Panel 2 is likely off as well, but I did not stack them on top of each other, so I won't know until later.

RE: Big Mistake?

A heat gun will soften the resin and allow you to take the panels apart without damage if necessary.  Good luck.  Jer

RE: Big Mistake?

 Here's a photo of the difference between the right and left panels #3.

 In the end, panels #1 and #2 look great, but #3 is off by about 1/2". 

Can I work with this difference? Or do I need to do something about it?


RE: Big Mistake?

In the end, the difference between the two panels turned out in the end to be only 3/16", which clc advised me was no problem.

RE: Big Mistake?

If there is a difference in the shapes now, then no matter how small. it will transform into a big problem as you join everything together.


Whateverr you do, take the time NOW - pair up all panels, clamp them together so that they are a best fit and then get out your block plane and make then exactly the same shape.


Do this for all panels before even thinking about stitching them together.

Yes, the panels will be a little different than the plans, but at least they will be the SAME different - If you have them different, then it will introduce some sort of twist or weird shape that you will have a lot of trouble sorting out later.


I had some huge differences in shapes on my joined panels - think nearly 1/2" - a test fit and everything was shocking, but taking them back to the same shape, made the stitch/fit very easy.


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