Kayaking in south florida

 hey all,

I just moved to southwest florida from the north.  I've never kayaked before, but i'm really considering building my own wood craft for the pleasure of exploring the shallow coastal regions, islands, inlets etc.  (Also, I could never spend my hard earned money on an obscene looking plastic boat)

MY QUESTION: would it be unbearable to paddle a kayak with a covered deck in this climate?  any input from someone with experience kayaking on the suncoast would be greatly appreciated. 


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RE: Kayaking in south florida

My experience has been mostly Maryland, but in the summer when it's 97 degrees & 98% hunidity with no shade or wind that's a close approximation of Florida summer, no? I have an undecked pirogue and a decked WD12 and find the decked boat more comfortable. The shade to my lower half keeps me cooler and prevents sunburn.

My wife made a light cotton sprayskirt substitute for her kayak. It increases the shade even more, but is breathable and keeps the boat's interior cooler (it's not waterproof, of course).


RE: Kayaking in south florida

I live on the East Coast, Central Florida.

Most of my paddling (but not all) is done while in a Sit Inside  kayak. Usually with either a whole spray skirt or a splash deck skirt. I also wear my PFD. I dont find it uncomfortable paddling. When I get hot (if I am wearing the spray skirt, I just roll over and back up. I also carry a small towel that I will soak in the water and then drape around the back of my neck. Soaking your hat in the water works also. 

 Like Lazlo says the deck will protect you legs from getting sunburned. With out the spray skirts you get that cool looking thigh brace tan.



RE: Kayaking in south florida

Minor correction: the only ugly boat is one that can't get you out on the water!!!

(Hello, Camper here...What?....no, I am not wrong...yes, I know that they are obscene, but a jet-ski is not a boat, it is technically a  "water-borne parasite"...ok, thanks for calling).

RE: Kayaking in south florida

Thanks for the input guys. Lazlo, saw the pic of your completed wd12, nice work.  I've been tossing some similiar ideas around for the paint scheme on my as-of-yet unbuilt/unpurchased chesapeake 17LT.  What can I say? i'm a dreamer,  i guess thats why my friends call me whiskers. 




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