speakers ?

Has anyone set up there boat w/ speakers for an ipod?

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RE: speakers ?

My ipod speakers don't work underwater. Neither does the ipod, for that matter, so I just listen to the music of the river. There's just too much chance of water getting into the boat for me to want to expose my ipod.

Now the Pocketship prototype, on the other hand, has a killer speaker system on board, but it's a much drier boat than any of mine.



RE: speakers ?

I searched a long time for a good solution for this. On my John's Sharpie, I added one of these:http://www.eskimo.com/~leftcst/iWeb/Left_Coast/Simple_stereo.html

(I'm in no way affiliated, just a satisfied customer)

I paired these with a set of small marine speakers and it has been the perfect solution for me. 


Eric Devoe 

RE: speakers ?

Speakers? You're going to need a power source for those. Do you really want a 12v battery in your kayak with you. I would recommend a waterproof ipod case and earphones, it's what I do. Look around here. http://www.h2oaudio.com/ There are plenty of options out there. Not to mention other kayakers may not think your music is as cool as you do.

RE: speakers ?

Yeah, I agree with McCarty: "Not to mention other kayakers may not think your music is as cool as you do."

That said, does anyone know how equip a WD 12 with an RPG? (Just kidding, of course.)


RE: speakers ?

 Like this?


Not that I condone such nonsense.



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