leaves under fiberglass

Has anyone put leaves or other things under the glass. Any advice on this? How about on top with a small piece of glass over just the leaf?

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RE: leaves under fiberglass

Most anything that is clean and free of oil and other contaminants can go on. I'd put it on with ca glue or carpenters glue then cover it and the area around the edge with epoxy so you can sand it off if you arn't happy before you put the glass on. If you want more info email me at jacknlin@aol.com.. SEEYA Jack

RE: leaves under fiberglass

Rice paper and thin wooden onlays are probably the most common things put under the glass. George K made wooden leaf onlays.


RE: leaves under fiberglass

See this boat built by Robert Pruden:





RE: leaves under fiberglass

Whatever you put on, it should go between the wood and the fiberglass. Make sure that the wood is saturated with epoxy before placing the object, otherwise you'll get a bubble. If you place it on top of the glass , with another piece of glass on top, you'll form a bump, hard to "feather out" without sanding down into the glass. I assume you are considering a DRIED leaf.

While waiting for my kit to arrive, I experimented with rice paper, sewing pattern paper, and Inkjet Transparency Film. I ended up using the film for my two line art inlays. One came out perfectly clear, but I managed to get a bubble in the other.

RE: leaves under fiberglass

Silk leaves under glass

RE: leaves under fiberglass

This is a photo of the after product of placing silk leaves under the glass. If you like I can give you the proccess I use to do this.


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