attaching foam seat

I have finally stopped carving and sanding my minicell foam seat.  It is very comfortable.  I have been using it in the kayak for the past month.

I think am ready to attach it to my shearwater.  I seem to remember that some people actually glue them in place.  I already have the 3m glue that I used to attach foam carved knee braces.  It works great.

But what a moisture getting in between the kayak and the seat?  Would it dry out properly? 



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RE: attaching foam seat

That 2nd to the last sentence should read: But what about moisture getting in between the kayak and the seat?

RE: attaching foam seat

In the middle of the bottom-surface of the seat cut a small groove (escape channel) that will allow water to flow freely even if the bottom of the kayak is filled with water.

Looking at the seat's cross-section it would look like this:

------------------------ top of the seat

-----------^------------ bottom of the seat

The groove should follow the center seam of the boat (length-wise)

Since the kayak's bottom is curved, the water will naturally flow from the upper parts of the seat onto the groove

If you don't do this the water may indeed get trapped under the seat and rot 

it evantually.

Other than that just use a good waterproof glue (simple contact cement is fine) and make sure it dries before you put it to use.



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