MOP Inlay question

I'm hoping to experiment with MOP Inlay on my shearwater and have a couple of questions for those who may have done inlay.

First, when doing MOP inlay will the epoxied fiberglass cloth noticably show over the inlay? 

If so, is it recommend to inlay after cloth is placed and route cloth away?  (I'm placing MOP inlay on deck)

Finally; what type of dyes can mix with epoxy to fill in tiny over cuts between inlay and wood.

 Thanks in advance

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RE: MOP Inlay question

Hi Brad, First, the glass when properly wet out, is clear. That said, you may be able to see the weave at some angles in some light conditions but it's no problem.... I would not recommend cutting into the glass as this will weaken the glass. Do your inlay first then glass over it. You may want to roll some epoxy over the inlay area before you lay the glass on as air can be trapped in the seams between the mop and wood that will cause tiny bubbles under the glass... I have used opaque epoxy dyes that I got from with good results. Feel free to contact me at if I can help. SEEYA Jack

RE: MOP Inlay question

I'd think twice about cutting into the deck. I used MOP as an onlay, and it's so thin that it's almost impossible to tell if it is "in" or "on" -lay. No worries about having to dye epoxy to cover cuts, either.

take a look:


RE: MOP Inlay question

thanks for responses

I will check the thickness of my MOP and make a determination to inlay or onlay based on thickness. 

jack and perry your kayaks look beautiful



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