Can this be salvaged?/Introduction

I have been wanting to build a boat for some time.  After sailing a Nutshell pram at WoodenBoat last year I was convinced a pram would be great for my daughter and I.  Then I came across a kit for a PMD for sale on craigslist.  After a four hour drive I had a pile of wood and all the rest of the components for the PMD rowing kit.  I am new to boatbuilding/carpentry so I may have been to hasty but lets see what you guys think.

Bottom panel can be seen at the top of the table.  Left side was how I found it dirty and slight mildew from laying on concrete floor for years.  A friend suggested bleaching rather than sanding to deal with mildew.  So thats the yellowish aft half of the bottom there.


 The panels were scarfed together already but... this is the worst one and as result the strake is 1/2" longer than its mate.   I could go on but you get the idea.

 The epoxy kit is still good and practically brand new should I use it on this wood or?








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RE: Can this be salvaged?/Introduction

One of the blessings of building this kind of boat is that anything is fixable. I would cut the longer panel in two. Then lay it on the shorter panel so that both are aligned, and trim the cut panel so the two parts butt together. Place a sheet of waxed paper or poly between the panels and epoxy the two halves together, then epoxy a layer of bias-cut fiberglass on each side of the butt joint. You should probably plan to paint this boat, which will cover the variations in wood color and condition.  -Wes

RE: Can this be salvaged?/Introduction

Hi Jesse,


As Wes stated..anything can be fixed.  Trust me on that one...a claw hammer was taken to mine..yet I did repair the damage and started sailing my PMD last year.

My take on this would be to trim off that 1/2 inch at the rear of the long panel.

The difference in the profiles will not be noticeable, and you typically end up shaving some of the panels off to make them flush with the transoms.


Now my usual note - come join the rest of the Passagemaker builders over at  You'll find a ton of excellent info there along with several in-progress builds.



RE: Can this be salvaged?/Introduction

Thanks guys,

I appreciate the feedback and look forward to getting started. 


I'll start a thread on the build as soon as I am approved to post to the pmd forum.  I have been reading throught the posts and did see the hammer holes.  Congrats on getting it sailing.



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