Wood Duck Hybrid 12

I'm a newbie at this.  In gluing the puzzle pieces some light plastic (my cheap drop cloth!) got epoxied on to the reverse (the outside hull) side.  I want to clean it off without wrecking the panels.  The plastic is very thin and I have been able to peel off most of it, but there is still some left and scraping doesn't touch it.  Is sanding the best option?  Any suggestions from this august group will be appreciated.



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RE: Wood Duck Hybrid 12

I would recommend sanding it. I have a similar issue with residue left from packing tape.  I plan to sand it down without sanding too much and getting into the glass cloth.  Did you use a card scraper?  I figure that might work.

RE: Wood Duck Hybrid 12

I had a similar problem.  (I used transparencies made for overhead projectors.  Remember those things???) 


Try heating up the epoxy (wear a respirator) and try to remove the plastic with a scraper.  If that doesn't work, you'll have to sand.  Just be careful not to sand through the nice veneer.

RE: Wood Duck Hybrid 12

Careful scraping and sanding did the trick.  Looks real good.

RE: Wood Duck Hybrid 12

Next time use wax paper as your dropcloth - epoxy won't stick to it.

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