CLC Sail Rig Progress!!

Hey all, I have made some good progress in the last month.  I hope to Keep things moving along and be able to enjoy sailing very soon. Here are some photos of my progress.










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RE: CLC Sail Rig Progress!!

The last 2 photos are where I have made it to so far.  I am waiting for some more epoxy to be delivered in the mail in the next day or so. Then I can finish my filleting and move on to installing the decks.  I will also be starting to build the leeboard and rudder.

RE: CLC Sail Rig Progress!!

Very nice, I can't wait to see how it turns out!

RE: CLC Sail Rig Progress!!

Are you building from plans?  


Also, I build a rudder similar in size to the one specified in the plans, and it wasn't nearly large enough.  There is a ton of pressure on the rudder and it has to be quite large to get the kayak, which is designed to go straight, to turn.  If I were to rebuild the rudder I would look at building a balanced rudder that would even out the pressure on it.  I highly recommend you trying something like this.  When I first finished my sail rig I had about 6 months of rudder problems, including cables breaking, rudder breaking, and the aft end of my kayak breaking off.  

 Also, if it is not too late, I would highly recommend making another set of those bulkheads and laminating them to the ones you have already installed.  I read a lot how people that didn't do this had major problems with them cracking.  I ended up with 10mm laminated bulkheads which were then fiberglassed on both sided.  If you don't do this, take John Harris' advice and make extra large fillets supporting them.   

RE: CLC Sail Rig Progress!!


   Thanks for the advice.  I will be sure to follow your recomendations. I was thinking of making the bulkheads larger, I will need to make a modified version of them to laminate now since they are adhered to the hull. It shouldn't be too big of a problem,  I will be sure to take pictures to see what everyone thinks. Hopefully, I will be able to add more progress picture soon.  

RE: CLC Sail Rig Progress!!

I just added the additional pieces of 9mm Okume to the bulkheads.  Now I will have a total of 18mm. I think this should work out well and double the strength where the akas attach.  I cut these pieces to the right size so I could get them in around the eposy tabs I already put in. Once this is dry I will add a nice fillet to fill the gaps.


RE: CLC Sail Rig Progress!!

How's your sailrig project coming along? Thanks for posting what you've done so far. I'm thinking about tackling this a couple seasons from now (gotta build the kayak 1st) so I'm very interested in how it works out for you. Good Luck with the build!

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