Kayak wooden peg system

Does anyone know where you can find the plans with dimensions for the wooden foot peg system, which sits in the center of the paddler on the hull floor? It uses a rope for adjustment and has large foot rest area's...thanx in advance for your thoughts....Ocean I think Nick Schade had ot in one of his books....

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RE: Kayak wooden peg system

Here's the link to Eric Schade's kit: http://www.shearwater-boats.com/Footbraceskits.htm

RE: Kayak wooden peg system

Yes, it IS in Nick's book, The Stripbuilt Sea Kayak.

A reply to my recent inquiry about this footbrace at www.kayakforum.com indicates it is comfortable, works quite well and the large surface area permits barefoot paddling with comfort. http://www.kayakforum.com/cgi-bin/Building/index.cgi/md/read/id/204118/sbj/strip-footbraces-your-view-of-version-in-schade-s-book/


I have paddled barefooted with other braces like Keepers or SmartTrack and those were painful.  

RE: Kayak wooden peg system

Addendum to my note above.  I may do this same system but screw a clam cleat on the rail instead of notching the rail, because

1. I might mess up the notches and

2. I already have the clam cleat. 

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