O K O U M E F E S T May 13 & 14

OkoumeFest is just 33 days away!  Hope you've got it on the calendar.  Quit sanding and get that boat ready for the water.

Regular OkoumeFesters will find the program familiar.  We'll have a big open house at CLC on Friday, May 13th, with seminars, discount tables, shop tours, and food & drink.

Saturday  May 14:  it's back to Matapeake State Park on Kent Island for in-water activities.  Based on registrations already in hand, it's going to be bigger than ever.  Start your incantations to the weather gods now.

OkoumeFest is FREE, but we really really really appreciate it if you take a moment to register, so we can plan for the numbers.  And pre-registrations get entered in a drawing for free goodies.

Tent camping is just $10/night.  More on that here.

We've made up a short OkoumeFest video with clips from the 2010 edition.  Check it out:

OkoumeFest:  The Movie

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