launched the Kaholo

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RE: launched the Kaholo

Fun for the whole family, didnt know it doubled as a floating yoga mat!  CLC marketing should get on that, haha.  Looks great! 

RE: launched the Kaholo

I've been considering building the Kahalo.

Is it very stable?



RE: launched the Kaholo

JW, Yes

I was very impressed with the stability while cruising or sprinting. The acceleration was also very impressive. I am 2 months shy of 59 and had no problem standing up. Shoved of the beach on my knees took a few strokes and stood right up. The girls had fun doing yoga poses on the board and were impressed with the stability. If you can walk and talk at the same time you can ride it. I highly recommend it and have ordered some more for family members.

RE: launched the Kaholo

Hi Dave---

 I really enjoyed your gallery and was being facetious as your photos scream stability, yoga balancing skills not withstanding.

Thanks for taking the high road and replying. I am considering the Kahalo for this summer.



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