woodduck 12 hybrid deck forms

Ok I am mentioning that when I trial fitted the deck forms,it seems impossible to put them exactly at the proper measurments, it seems the forms cause the side walls to splay out very far. And other forms require the side walls to be pulled in. when I put the forms in that splay out the side walls, the duck doesnt have a fair shape any more, is this normal? should I trim the width of the forms,and will that effect the tracking causing the beam to lengthen?  help is neede, thanx in advance....Ocean

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RE: woodduck 12 hybrid deck forms

Hi Ocean,

 Did you ever get to a solution about your deck forms?  I am building a wooduck 10 hybrid and am encountering the same issue you did.  I think I will resort to trimming the forms.  Thanks. 

RE: woodduck 12 hybrid deck forms

  Hi Guys,

  We recently finished our 10' hybrid and just finished the hull of the 12'er. On the 10' we just placed the temps where the tops of the forms worked with the sides of the hull, Some were ony touching the hull in a couple of spots but enough for some hot glue. The way I saw it the hull is done and looking good - no need for the temps there. The temporary forms are for the deck- the hull just holds them still.

  We had some areas where the strips looked best when we allowed them to 'float' over the temp forms. We used them as more of a guide than a rule.

 Hope that helps.

RE: woodduck 12 hybrid deck forms

Kayak Kueen

Yes I trimmed about 5 of the forms, the ones that were between the bow and the combing. the aft forms fell right at the measurements, I cut an 1/8th inch off each side the hot glued them in at the proper locations at 1q2 inch centers. pay attention when you push the forms down to meet the to off the sheer line that the fairness of the duck does not start getting squarness to it, if it does trim alittle more off each side at 1/16th inch incraments . Once I did that the rest of the forms was awesome, hope this helps send some pics...happy building



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