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I'm currently building a Guillemot Double. Two years ago I built a Chesapeake Double. Last year was a ShearWater 17 Hybred. Obviously there is a big difference in leg room. The front of the Guillemot looks tighter than our Shearwater. I am about to cut the forms and I'm curious. Can I offset the curves above the part line? What should I watch out for in doing such a thing? I'm thinking about making about a 1 inch offset. Obviously that offset would need to transition from form to form. Gradually tapering off to the original form designs. I’m concerned the boat will look like a big guppy if I don’t do it right. And I certainly don’t want to spoil the beautiful lines of the Guillemot. But the leg room in the front looks like it’s going to be very tight.

  • Build it as designed and live with it if it's too tight?
  • Modify it slightly and risk ? ? ?

I'm an engineer and totally understand the issues in modifying lofts in SolidModeling. I am not skilled in boat hull design. I'm sure the change will not impact the hydrodynamics as it will be above the waterline. However, How much will this impact handeling? Will the boat be more tippy?


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RE: Increase Cockpit size

I'm not sure what exactly you're trying to do.  You mean "bulge" it slightly just in the deck where your feet will primarily be?  If so, I'd recommend just lofting an extra half inch or so on each side of the form above and below the part line and from that point forward.  That way the transition remains smooth and it's not a noticeable "bulge" at any point.  It shouldn't affect performance too much either way, but I think maintaining the change throughout would be more aesthetically pleasing.


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