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I am building a WD 10. The boat is all stiched and ready for spot welds. However I don't want to install a hatch for the time being (maybe later on). So my question is how do I acess the rear compartment behind the bulkhead when glueing the deck to the hull to do the fillets and taping of deck to hull joint?

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RE: Question about WD 10

You don't. That's why the hatch is there.

The WD10 prototype built by Eric Schade (the one in the picture galleries) didn't have a hatch, but it didn't have a bulkhead, either. CLC felt that the rear deck needed more support than that for general use so they added the bulkhead to the design. That required the addition of the hatch for exactly the reason you've just run into

So your options are:

1. build it with the hatch and the bulkhead per the CLC modification of the design

2. build it without either per the original design.

3. cut out the center of the bulkhead and reaching through that hole to glue the rear deck to the hull. Not sure if a hole large enough to reach through (unless you have flexible tentacles with eyes on the tips instead of arms) would leave enough support for the deck

4. build it without the bulkhead, then add a bulkhead (wooden or closed cell foam) after the deck is firmly attached

Hope there's something there that helps,


RE: Question about WD 10

Thank you very much for the promt reply, Laszlo!

I am going to consider one of the four options that you suggest.

In the mean time I'll try to figure out how to post some pictures of my progress so far.

All the best,


RE: Question about WD 10

I built my WD10 without the hatch and have a standard bulkhead. 

I installed small wood blocks 1/2" square aft of the bulkhead before mating the hull to deck so that after deck/hull mating and taping I could just slide the bulkhead into position against the blocks and fillet it in place.  Lots of room to work on the taping with the bulkhead out of the way.

You can see it on my feb 21 post on my build blog.


RE: Question about WD 10

Thanks, Chris!

Actually I was thinking of something similar but wasn't sure if the boat would be able to hold itself together without the bulkhead for a short time while I do the deck to hull taping. Now I know it's possible. Your blog is very interesting. I read everything from start to finish! And the pictures show every detail.



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