oxford shell stitch up help

Newbie to the stitch and glue boat method and having a bit of trouble tightening stitches and getting good shape.

Question 1- Is it better to tighten wires to final shape(after bulkheads in place) with boat upside down on supports or to suspend it right side up and shape it?

Question #2- when do you recommend cutting out the inspection holes in the bulkheads?



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RE: oxford shell stitch up help

#1  Since I twist the ends of stitch wires together outside of the hull, the stitching is easier for me while the hull is upside down.  I level my building supports before final stitching/tightening to minimize any twist to the hull.  With the hull upside down it's easy to look at the seams to check for fair lines and adjust/add stitches as needed.  Use whatever method works for you.  Just don't be in a hurry; spend the time to loosen, tighten, adjust, shift, replace broken stitches, etc to get a fair hull.

#2  It is certainly easier to cut holes for inspection ports before the bulkheads are installed.  Measure twice, then cut and drill the holes needed.  Then clean up the edges (sand).

RE: oxford shell stitch up help

Thank you for the help. I did find it easier to get all the seams wired hull side up, then did some fine tuning after I flipped it and suspended the boat. Cam etogether really nicely! Thanks again.:)

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