WD 12 manual pages

It's time for me to install the back support and loops for the deck bungees on my WD 12. But lo and behold, my manual seems to have gone into hiding. I'm sure it will turn up, but in the meantime can any kind soul scan and send as attachments the relevant pages showing where the attachment points go? email: jnorman805@aol.com. Thanks in advance!


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RE: WD 12 manual pages

Woodenchaknowit! All I had to do was post that request for manual pages, and my AWOL WD-12 manual came jumping out from under a pile of scrap wood and landed right in my hands! So I have the info I need. Thanks anyway.


RE: WD 12 manual pages

Its funny how those manuals find their way into hiding.  Careful, it might come out and bite you next time.

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