Proa Update 04-06-11

On the one hand, it's great to be busy.  On the other, keeping the blog up-to-date is one of the things that gets punted when the deadlines loom.  Lots of progress to report on the proa, including photos, here at The Life of Boats. 

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RE: Proa Update 04-06-11


One thing I find interesting (among others, of course) is how much your build resembles a wooden aircraft build. That mast truss bulkhead would look at home on many aircraft assemblies I've seen, while the image of the inside of the hull could have been of the inside of many fuselages  (or a really big wing leading edge).

So did you end up putting biax on the outside, too? Or are you getting the stiffness you need from the shape of the structure?

Finally,  "For reasons I won't go into, we also cut off the epoxy-and-plywood heels of the stems and replaced them with foam inserts. " indeed. You really think that the peanut gallery's going to let you get away with that statement? That's like waving a can of tuna at a cat. What gives?

So thanks for the update. You'll be giving rides at Okoumefest, right? After all, you do have more than a whole month to go. :-)


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