woodduck 12

Started the hull and side assembly,I noticed the bow of the hull does not match up with the  sides  exactly  at the bow area, if I move the side panles forward then the stern has the same problem,is there a happy medium I am missing here...?  thought I would ask before tack welding...is welding a needed step?  help  Pete

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RE: woodduck 12

Hey Pete,

1. Tacking is not necessary. The fillets and seams can be applied in a single step. However, tacking lets you avoid the issues involved with burying the stitches. The result is thinner, lighter fillets, a lighter boat and less epoxy use. The downside is that it takes a bit longer going the tacking route. You have to wait for the tacks to cure, then take the time to remove the stitches. It adds at least a full day (or more depending on the shop temperature) to the build time. Very nice boats have been successfully completed both ways. My preference is to tack.

2. If you're building from the kit, the parts should line up. If the bottom is longer than the sides, then either the sides are bowed too much or the bottom not enough. If the sides are longer, then the sides are not bowed enough or the bottom is bowed too much. Either way you'll need to adjust the stitches (loosen the tight ones, tighten the loose ones) until the problem goes away. It may take a while and you may break a few wires doing it, but it's worth the effort because this is the step that determines the shape of your boat.

3. If you're building from plans, same answer as for 2, except that you also have to recheck the dimensions of the wood.

Here a link to my WD12 build site in case you haven't seen it before. It describes my experiences with building one of these great boats and shows the tacking process.

Good luck and have fun,



RE: woodduck 12

Thanx Laszlo, I have been to your site, its a good refrence place, thanx so much, yes the hull excedes the sides by a quarter of am inch at the bow,I have all temp supports in place all seems are tight and there is no play anywhere to make up the difference, I will try to split the difference I should say this is a kit and a  hybrid, so I will give it a go and get bac k to ya,,,,thanx again  Pete

RE: woodduck 12

If you adjust the stitches and are still a little off could you line up everything at the bow nicely so that the short end is at the stern and then install the transom to the short end and sand off the extra that protrudes past the transom?

RE: woodduck 12

Thanks atwoodyducker, thats exactly what I did, I loosened all the wires moved the panels forward, and the bow fits great. then I tapered the hull at the transom area,made my end block,for rudder etc.. and all is well, nice to know a guy has somewhere to go for answers, like this site. thanx again guys,I will keep my progress posted, this is definately a fun project....


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