dusty fiberglass

I missed that part about keeping the fiberglass in a bag to keep away dust and humidity.  I had left my roll of fiberglass in the shop uncovered--through all my sanding. 

I am about to fiberglass the top of the deck.  So how should I clean the fiberglass.  Should I just shake it to get the dust out, or should I wash and dry it.  I am thinking the dryer might melt it.  Since I wanted to put it on tomorrow, I don't have time to wash and air dry.  I am thinking the weave would unravel during washing anyway-maybe a gentle handwash, but that would be a real pain for such a large piece.  Vacuum?

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RE: dusty fiberglass

DO NOT GET IT WET! Fiberglass cloth is treated to help the epoxy wick through it. Water removes it so if you ever see water damaged cloth being sold cheap avoid it. hopefully the dust only got through the first layer on the roll or so. I'd take an air compresor and blow through it or just discard the first foot or so on the roll and go from there.



RE: dusty fiberglass

thanks Chris.  I didn't think it could be washed, but I didn't know exactly why.  Now I know.  I don't have an air compressor.  So I figure I will just shake and vacuum.   

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