strip bending

On all of the forum postings, the recommended way to radically bend and twist cedar strips is with heat.  I've got a 55 gallon drum of denatured alcohol and a 6" pvc pipe.  Would this work or does alcohol not play well with epoxy resin?

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RE: strip bending

I've heard rumors about using alcohol to bend wood, but never tried it. I've used steam successfully. I built a steamer using PVC pipe and a steam cleaner. It's not instantaneous. You have to leave the the wood in there long enough for the heat and moisture to penetrate. Maybe up to 30 minutes for kayak strips. Heat alone will work, but steam is better.

Denatured alcohol won't give you any trouble with epoxy. It evaporates in seconds, and doesn't leave any residue.



RE: strip bending

When building my Wood Duck 10 hybrid, I used hot water in PVC pipes.  It takes a while but works well.



RE: strip bending

i built my frist boat a Petrel and only used and heat gun, industrial style, from and automotive body  suply co. you can feel the cells give as they heat, and strat to give. I used a couple vice grips to hold the strip and another to comtrol where the bent and how much . it seemed to work very well and did not take a lot of time  

RE: strip bending

Hot wet towels on the strips should work.  You can also borrow mother's steam iron to assist.

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