tape/resin dispenser tank

has anyone built a tank that saturates the tape as you pull it thru?  i made one with all rigid parts, but the resin later hardened with drips that would have torn the tape on the next use.  i guess i need to have wheels or at least have the squeegee parts removable so they can be cleaned between uses.  i kept mine small so as to not waste a lot of resin.  i taped a 6" leader from masking tape to thread it past 2 posts.  the S shaped route thru the tank saturated the tape and sqeegeed off the excess.  because the posts were close together it was not easy to clean.  maybe rubber sqeegee blades would work better than wheel or posts.  figure someone has already perfected this?

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RE: tape/resin dispenser tank

Here's the thing: hardened epoxy will permanently clog/wreck ANYTHING that isn't flexible AND really smooth AND has no complicated corners etc. So, unless you have a tank/saturating system that is made of one-piece, seamless, flexible silicone, you'd be better off using cheap convenient disposable stuff from the local hardware or party-supplies store. Less nightmares that way too!...;) .

RE: tape/resin dispenser tank

Unless you are planning to build a lot of boats, you may be making an easy job too difficult. Simply cut your tape to length, roll it up, and stick the roll into a cup with a couple of ounces of epoxy in it. When the tape has absorbed the epoxy (which doesn't take long at all) unroll it onto the seam. -Wes

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