How much is enough

I'm building a wood duck 10. I just went out and bought some west 105/207 resin. Only problem is west is 3:1 and that means that I have 1 1/3 gallons of resin. I see that CLC sells a MAS 1 1/2 gallon kit with the WD10. Anyone out there built a WD10 and had left over resin from the MAS kit.

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RE: How much is enough

For my WD10 the MAS in the kit was just enough.  Not a drop left. 

RE: How much is enough

On the other hand ... I built a couple Chesapeake LT's, was reasonably careful about waste, and had lots of epoxy left from the MAS epoxy kits. I'd say get started on the build, because what you have already have might be all you need.


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