my matunuck "harpoon 13"

my size 13 feet were not happy in the ballerina position, so i lifted the foredeck 1 1/2", matched some other existing angles and came up with this harpoon shape.  as a prototype i'm not getting too concerned about finish, there's more chopping in the future i'm sure.  i just finished the mod so haven't gotten out in the ocean again.  i put watertight bulkheads in front and rear and found i could no longer sink the boat in the pool, like it did with just float bags.  the low sideboard on this boat means the skirt needs to seal well, it is often under water in the waves and surf.  i put drains in to relieve air pressure/temp changes in the bulkheads.

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RE: my matunuck "harpoon 13"

trying to get pic to attach

RE: my matunuck "harpoon 13"


i can't get the forum pic to attach

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