Webbing supplier

I've found a great source for webbing products that I wanted to share. The company is Strapworks.com.  You can custom order all kinds of web straps with a selection of hardware and strap material. Also, very fast delivery and reasonable prices.

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RE: Webbing supplier

Ahhh.  Good intel.  Thank you.  I am trying to devise an under deck webbing/netting for easy access gear (flashlight, GPS, FOOD) storage I'll check them out.  Thanks again...   ~BRUCE~

RE: Webbing supplier

Bruce, I am in the process if writing a shop tip on just that topic.  I will let you know when it is published.  It was suprisingly easy :)

RE: Webbing supplier

GREAT !!!   Looking forward to seeing it.  Thank you...   ~BRUCE~

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