Static Electrictiy

I did a search no luck, Has anyone had any issues with static electricity attracting dust to hull. I've been fighting the dust issue for a while now and noticed yesterday while wiping down the hull that an accumulation of dust was gathering at the bow seam along with not being able to get what I would call a dust free surface on the hull. The clue to the problem was the fact I could see the dust gathered on the bow seam. How would you discharge the hull?


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RE: Static Electrictiy

David-when you say finish are we talking urethane, epoxy, or paint?

I have never given the static theory much thought.

My theory was that weather it is epoxy or urethane that any time a surface it tacky for an extended period of time and dust is present in that evironment, that your project will gather dust. Observe the dust particles present in the rays of the sun coming through a window and then add the added dust caused by you moving about on a dust covered floor.

To combat this I typically house down the work area [if this is a possibility like a garage floor] and then tent the work area with plastic. This went a long watys to solving the problem for me. I hope this helps and is relevent to your problem...C.Z.

RE: Static Electrictiy


  I am putting Varnish over Varnish, having read on some automotive sites about painting some are recommending using some of the static feather type dusters as a final dusting of the surface. they are cheap so I will try one and see.

Looking at the dust particles in the air of my shop is why I moved the varnishing project into the house, I basically see no dust in the air in the house but it still showes its self in the varnish

RE: Static Electrictiy

You might also try misting the air with water just before varninshing to increase humidity, decrease static (just make sure boat is kept dry).

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