mill creek 16.5 and rowing wing

I'm looking at building the mill creek 16.5 mostly for rowing. In an effort to spread out cash outlay, I was wondering if I actually needed the wing during the constuction of the boat for fitting purposes or can I order it at a later time and expect it to fit w/out any issues.

Thanks John L

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RE: mill creek 16.5 and rowing wing

You don't need the drop-in unit while building.  Call CLC and ask if they provide any additional pieces to mate the wing to the hull when they ship a wing.  They can tell you what the pieces are, where they go, and how they are attached.  Talk to them about if and how those pieces might affect your build sequence.  Good luck.

RE: mill creek 16.5 and rowing wing


I have installed the rowrig in a MC 16.5, removed it, and reinstalled it at a different location.  The mounting in the boat is basically a couple of blocks.  You can see these in the MC 16.5 photo gallery on the CLC web site.  These can be installed after the boat is complete, but you want to be sure that any seat cleats are not in the way.  Also, the wing barely clears the top inboard edge of the coaming.  Therefore, it is important to have the rig at the tiime you epoxy the blocks into place.  Sometimes what is the centerline along the bottom does not work out to be the centerline between the coamings and some adjustment is required.  In my latest installation I have wrapped the rig with foam pipe insulation where it pases over the coaming.  this avoids damage to the finish as things flex.

Good luck.  It's a great boat to row.  I try to get mine out every Saturday and Sunday.


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