Trailex Trailer adjustments for Skerry

I just got the SUT-200 trailer for the Skerry.

As I try to adjust the pads to the hull, it seems to me that if the blocks were a little shorter on the inside (particularly on the front, then they would fit the hull panels more cleanly as they could rotate a bit more steeply.

Anyone have any experience and advice for making adjustments to the positioning and alterations to the pads?


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RE: Trailex Trailer adjustments for Skerry

Greeeting Pat,

Just got my skerry on the trailer last weekend, I was able to ajust the bolsters with the boat on the trailer. I used a rolled up cargo blanket to support the boat next to the bolster I was ajusting. Moved the cradle into position then sungged things up. I found the bolsters needed to be in the outboard position on both of the support arms. 

I also thought of triming the forward bolsters and drilling a second set of mounting points further out on the aft support arms, but after some ajusting I think it will be fine without the mods.


RE: Trailex Trailer adjustments for Skerry

Thanks Patrick,

 Both of mine are also on the outside position of the support arms.

 I will fiddle a bit more with it.



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