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Is anyone out there using the rod holder sold by CLC? Please let me know the positives and negatives of this particular model. It would be mounted on a WD12 and used on lakes and slow moving rivers. 

 Thanks for your input


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RE: rod holder

Any other rod holders being used out there? I would appreciate any input you can give me.




RE: rod holder

Brian, I had a 19 ft. skiff with 4 of these on each side. If I had a WD going on, I would have plans for these. They are great as you can set them up in any position and direction. Or just pop them off when not in use.  Also held up against the weather very well. Good luck!

RE: rod holder

Albeit I have a Mill Creek 16.5, this idea should work for your Wood Duck as well.

I built a removeable tray to go across the cockpit in front of me. I mounted the rod holder to it and built a cupholder for the other side.

I used some scrap Okoume deck (I built from plans & bought my supplies locally) and epoxied it to some marine grade Fir to thicken/stiffen it. I put mahogany trim around it to keep small stuff from falling off of it.

It's held down with some simple "L" shaped clamps I fabricated with small blocks of wood. Wingnuts hold it down.




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