Skeg for S&G Night Heron

Can anyone suggest a good retractable skeg kit for the S&G Night Heron or a good resource on how to build one? (I don't care for the CLC kit)

Also, where is the best placement for the skeg?

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RE: Skeg for S&G Night Heron

Here is a design I have found but I have not built/tried one yet.


RE: Skeg for S&G Night Heron

here is a option that Zach (a poster on this forum) used that I really like. - scroll down about half way

RE: Skeg for S&G Night Heron

I built a Hybrid Night Heron 3 years ago. As you know, it has the same stitch and Glue hull as yours. I have found that my boat tracks straight yet is quite responsive in turns for a boat of it's size. It might be that you won't even need a skeg on this boat. Perhaps others with Night Heron experience will add their thoughts on this?

RE: Skeg for S&G Night Heron

I also built one 3 years ago. I used it a lot and I thought I would never want a skeg on it until one day I did. On open water with a strong crosswind all day it behaved as expected- It wanted to go upwind but I didn't.

I also hope that it might help with surfing.

The skeg kit shown on Zach's website mentioned by D. Donaldon is from Newfound Woodworks.  I called them. It is currently not available but may be in the future.

There is a similar kit from Superior Kayaks & Canoes . It looks very good but the price is $195.


- Ivan - (not the same Ivan that replied earlier)


RE: Skeg for S&G Night Heron

If you'd like to check into the skeg that I used and Newfound doesn't have it, it may be worth checking with Kajaksport's other U.S. distributors.  Their product code for the system I used is 520100.  Through their website ( you couls send them an e-mail to locate a U.S. dealer.

As far as operation, the skeg is much larger than the Shearwater (and likely the Night Heron) will ever need, but you can always dial it down with the slide control, which is a very nice simple design.   The skeg is quite effective, adjusts easily and works well for me.  It also came with all the hardware, controls, etc. necessary for installation.  My only minor grip is that it is prone to collecting small gravel on the beach, but I've yet to use a skeg that didn't have that problem.  I would definately try to use this system again in the future.

 If you go this route, I'd love to see pictures of your installation.


RE: Skeg for S&G Night Heron

Some progress with the skeg:



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