CLC kayak sheer clamps

The sheer clamps i've just glued together are not straight. They are a bit wavey. i havent glued them to the hull yet but practiced dry clamping them to see if they could follow the line drwn (3/4 in from edge to leave 1/4 in. "proud"). With enough clamps the sheers can be made to follow the line. Will this ,however,wind up twisting the hull in some way i dont want or with the gluing will they just hold the lines of the hull panels? in one spot the warp is enough that there is no  edge 'proud', the sheer is almost flush with the top edge of the hull panel. Do i need to start over with new sheer clamps?! Any help is appreciated! Thanks! Michael

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RE: CLC kayak sheer clamps

As long as you can get the sheer clamps to follow the edge of the plywood panel, you'll come to no harm.  There are too many other things going on to keep those panels the right shape for anything but the most pretzel'd sheer clamps to give you trouble.

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