cell-o-fill as a subsitute for wood flour?


I have run out of wood flour building my first WD12. Oops. But it seems like I have a lot of cell-o-fill left . Can I use the cell-o-fill to make filets to join the hull and deck together? I still need to put on the cockpit coaming which calls for cell-o-fill. 

 A second question. 

Directions call for silicone sealant when placing screws through the hull. What are your opinions on this procedure?

1. Drill a hole slightly larger than the screw.

2. Fill with epoxy

3. Drill with a hole the size of the screw. 




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RE: cell-o-fill as a subsitute for wood flour?

Cell-o-fill, yes you can use as a sub,  it will result in a slight difference in colour.  Cab-o-sil and cell-o-fill are stronger than wood flour though if you were to have a failure it would be the wood, not the fillet.  I actually used cab-o-sill for my deck to hull joint and most of my other fillets.  I also put the tape on when the fillet was still wet so there no sanding issues.  Cab-o-sil is a rock when it comes to sanding.

As for drill fill drill, the entire purpose here is to keep the wood and water seperate.  You are basically looking at do I use epoxy or silicon to create that barrier?  It is an extra step and takes a little longer, but consider all the hours of careful sweat only to have a water stain.  I'm a big fan of the drill fill drill method.  There is an additional risk, silicone and varnish do not get along so when it comes time to re-varnish your boat, no silicone is better.  I've talked to a couple of experienced boat builders who reckon silicone has no place on wooden boats, use a good non-silicone caulking if you want to go the belt and suspenders route (I did)

RE: cell-o-fill as a subsitute for wood flour?

I have a bunch of leftover wood flour from a 17LT. Send me your address and I'll send you a container, email is  jonathanATswampsdieselDOTcom

RE: cell-o-fill as a subsitute for wood flour?


Thanks for the offer. I am planning do it this weekend. Someone wants me to finish the doors to an entertainment center that was put on hold for the WD. What is she thinking!? :) 



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