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Do any of you have suggestions for under-deck storage? I'm looking for a solution that will house misc. small items (e.g. cellphone, camera, snack, keys, etc.) and be within reach while paddling. Frankly, I don't think the contraption even needs be watertight. Googling hasn't led me to an item that really appeals to me but I've got to believe that a variety of these things exist (or can be made).

 Any guidance/sugegstions would be much appreciated.


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RE: Under-deck storage

Hey John.  I'm thinking about the same thing on my Wood Duck-12.  I guess Ill glue a net type deal to the underside of my foredeck.  A hammock type design I guess, with a way to "close", it in case the kayak goes over.  It will have to fit closely to the underdeck so as not to impeed my knees and/or legs and have to be bungie like..... UNLESS someone here suggests a better idea...



RE: Under-deck storage

I just put my stuff into a couple of Otter boxes - one for lunch, the other for keys, camera and binoculars. The boxes are watertight and float even with all the stuff in them. They fit behind the seat or on the side between my hips and the seat. The model number is 2500.


I also use a dry bag for a combination of dry storage and flotation in the bow. It's good for a spare set of clothes, 1-liter water bottles, etc.


RE: Under-deck storage

I installed a homemade underdeck storage on my wife's WD12 for the throw line and pump.  I got some mesh fabric from Fabricland.  Sewed "tubes" on the four sides, cutting the corners off @ 45 degree angle.  I then glued four loops made of left over webbing.  A piece of bungee threaded though the loops and tubes to attach it all together and a perfect cloth under deck storage.  I used mesh so that the water would run out and it would dry easily.  If you need dry, then toss in a small dry bag or box as Laszlo suggests.  I am super happy with it.  I plan to make this a standard feature on all future boats. 

 Email me david at dragonsong dot ca if you would some pictures.

RE: Under-deck storage

I use a couple of boxes similar to what Laszlo has, but mine are smaller. They are made by a company called S3.


RE: Under-deck storage

Be aware that underdeck nets pose a bit of a snag hazard.  A risk of getting hooks on clothes/shoes caught on them if you capsize and need to get out of the boat.  For that reason, many people recommend hard storage areas like the boxes, or I've seen photos of knee tubes people have made from fiberglass and attached to the underside of the deck. 

Knee tube construction example about halfway down page:


RE: Under-deck storage

Thanks to all for suggestions, pics, links and sage advice.


RE: Under-deck storage

Thanks for that thought Kathy, I did have that in mind, I used a tight weave mesh (holes are only 2mm) and kept it tight to the deck.  Both the pump and throw bag are held against the deck as opposed to hanging down. 

That said, I really like the example (especially the mold) of how to build a knee tube.

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