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I am building the Night Heron Hybrid and am having a devil of a time with the station forms. Got everything correct, I think,  until I went to place the cockpit stringer in the notches. One of my station forms spit in half when I inserted the stringer in the notch, then the stringer cracked in half. I didn't exert any unusual pressure. They just broke like and old dry stick of wood. I epoxied them back together with a strip of fibergalss and am letting them cure. I have to be able to visulize what I am doing. The manuel is not very clear as to exactly how the stringer goes and also where exactly to place the cockpit apron. Does anyone know of a build (website) where these steps are clearly shown. Frustrating becuase my weekend has been wasted on reparing the form and stringer. Thanks, Mark

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RE: Station Forms


I had similar issues on my Shearwater hybrid. The cockpit forms and stringer need a little tweaking with a rasp to loosen things up a bit . I also cracked one of my forms and glued it back together.

Here is a link to my pix. Not sure if this will help or not 


(not sure why I can't make the hyperlink work in Safari) 

RE: Station Forms

Thanks Dan,

I looked  at yours and several other build sites which was a good thing. There are a couple of things I was doing wrong. Had I not visited yours and other sites I would not have known. The manuel is just not descriptive enough for me to fully understand  without seeing it done. Guess there is a silver lining in my building delay afterall. 

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