chester yawl - keeping bulkheads in place

Page 39 of the instructions for the Chester Yawl direct us to pull ALL the wires, fill the holes and seams and then coat the entire hull with epoxy.  How are the bulkheads held in place once the wires have been pulled?  The instructions do not call for filleting the bulkheads until much later in the building process (page 47).

Is there any problems with filleting the bulkheads BEFORE the wires are pulled?


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RE: chester yawl - keeping bulkheads in place

I am currently building a Chester Yawl as well. It sounds like we might be in a similar stage of construction. I ran into the same issue. Right or wrong, what I decided to do was tack the bulkheads in place with small fillets and then remove the wire ties. I will then go back with larger fillets when I get to that stage. I have concern for the future integrity of the joints, however had read of other builders tacking parts together in this manner. I'm pretty confident that it will work out okay. Maybe we will hear from more experienced builders on the subject.

RE: chester yawl - keeping bulkheads in place

Here is what CLC had to say:


The instructions are a bit ambiguous on that point.  I know in our two prototypes, we HAD pulled the wires at that point, but the bulkheads stayed put because a bit of epoxy from the seam work had stuck them in place.  My preference would be to go ahead and do the fillet work on the bulkheads right away.  Double-check their positioning by dropping the 
floorboards into place. 

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