Record for longest build

Just curious which one of us holds the record for taking the most time to build one of these boats??? I am going on 18mos (partially because I moved from Boston to Houston, but mostly because I am slow and easily overwhelmed!). I have really enjoyed the project and am finally coming to the end. Just need to slap some varnish and paint on the MC 16.5 (probably take me another 2 wks- seriously). Anybody out there taken longer than 18mos, and still completed the boat?

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RE: Record for longest build


It's going to take more than 18 months to win the prize...  A couple of times a month I get a call or email from someone who has discovered or inherited an unopened kit box.  Some of them are from 1994!  Just trying to remember what was included, say, in a Cape Charles 15.5 kit is a challenge.  

RE: Record for longest build

Mine has to be up there.  I purchased my kit in November 1997 and launched my Chesapeake 18 in July 2007.  Obviously I was not working on it the entire time, it sat for a many a year in the same condition.  I'm very happy that I got back to it and completed it.


RE: Record for longest build

I've been working on my MC13 so sporadically,  the only real progress I've made in recent weeks is naming the it "Chinese Democracy"     ....that's  a Guns & Roses joke for the uninformed.

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