Crowfoot weave fiberglass cloth

I ran across a chance to buy crowfoot weave fiberglass cloth. I wondered if anyone has ever used this type of cloth. And if there would be problems using it on a hybrid kayak.


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RE: Crowfoot weave fiberglass cloth

I think you are talking about a harness weave. They come in various styles like 4, 5, 6... where the warp (length of the fabric) strands jump over 4, 5, 6... weft strands. Taken to an extreme you get a kind of unidirectional with the odd thread weft to hold it together.



Different horses for different courses. The only problem I've had with harness weave is when using your squeegee you have to be light handed when going across the longer "loops" of the warp or it will open up. This stuff is supposed conform to shapes better than plain weave, however not as good as a twills do. I've never used it on any "complex" shapes but where I have used it there were no problems.

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